Why Livelix?

Why you should use Livelix to host your events, webinars, live classes, etc? Why not use Zoom, WebinarNinja or any other video conferencing or webinar tool? Keep reading ...

1. You can get more sales and earn more money

Livelix is a platform and your events can be purchased not only by your audience and followers, but by our users as well. This leads to more sales and more money for you.

2. You will keep earning money even after your event is finished

All the events are recorded and available for sale even after they're finished.

3. No pricing plans, upfront payments or monthly subscriptions

Unlike any other tool, we have no pricing plans, upfront payments or monthly subscriptions. We give you everything you need to host your event, there are no complicated pricing plans. You don't have to pay anything, we just take a commission from the events you sell.

4. You can create paid online events easier with Livelix

Livelix was made for paid online events, everything we do is for making your life easier when creating paid events.

You just have to create your event and we'll take care of everything - collecting the payments, sending the payments to you, notifying the users when the event starts, marketing your event, restricting access to your event only for the users that paid, etc.

5. Stream your event and track your earnings from any device - laptop, mobile phone (android or iPhone)

A smooth experience across all the platforms. Creating and streaming an event is insanely easy.

Sounds Good?