What are Virtual Workshops and how to use them

While a big part of the business works remotely, virtual workshops become more important

A virtual workshop is an interactive session or a structured live online classroom hosted by a video conferencing platform and supported by a wide range of visual collaboration software. Virtual workshops differ from face-to-face workshops in both subtle and significant ways, although having the same goals. The workshop is performed remotely and all the participants will use a video conferencing platform and other tools if it’s needed for it.

It's critical to differentiate what types of workshops people will attend in order to establish your goals, thus it's a good idea to specify a few fairly common workshop categories. Here are some of the most widely utilized workshops, as well as ones that have gained having a high-quality level after being moved online.

Seminars are excellent teaching opportunities since they allow a speaker to interact with the public and encourage them to learn and participate in a specific topic. Online seminars work well because it’s easy to implement and don’t require additional tools. Meanwhile, this type of workshop can have an insufficiency of engagement because of its simplicity and absence of interest from the audience.

Brainstorming sessions are essential for a team to achieve excellent results, and it's nearly always the first step in starting a new project or workflow. As part of the creative process, these kinds of sessions are harder online because of approach tactics that don’t work the same as the conference room at the office.

Collaboration sessions are similar to brainstorming, but instead of being the start of the creative process, they can occur at any point in the process and are not dependent on the generation of new ideas. These kinds of sessions work best if participants have tools that allow them to collaborate more efficiently. 

Employee Training is important for a company's functionality and will increase it during the next years because of COVID 19 situation and the trend to work remotely. Employee onboarding and training will be required anytime when businesses hire new workers and integrate them into new teams, as result this requires new information and training. Some leading companies use an online onboarding program, which allows you to upload all of your information instead of filling out paperwork at the office, so using one of these systems can undoubtedly speed up the process.

Q&A sessions are used in all kinds of formats such as informational meetings, class meetings, or team meetings. Q&As are also, an adaptable meeting format that is frequently used in combination with other methods of workshops. Usually, they are used at the end of a workshop and the length is depending on its topic and audience curiosity.