Livelix Video Meetings

Learn about Livelix Video Meetings

Have you started your business or already been in it for a few years, and you understand that the market is growing just like your team? This means that you can have employees and clients all around the world, whether you work in consulting or software companies, connection with them is made by video meetings, and we are sure that you need a tool that will have all the features that you need to make all the meetings go smoother and easy to set up and manage.

We think that Livelix Video Meetings is the right choice for you, especially if you’re doing a lot of 1-to-1 meetings with your clients or you have a small team with whom you’re in contact on a daily basis. Let’s find more about this service from our platform, and if you’re interested in doing live events as well, you should definitely take a look at our article about Livex Live Events.

Video Meetings

Livelix Video Meetings feature allows you to create all kinds of video meetings with your team and clients through an easy-to-use interface and a simple setup process, whether they have a Livelix account or not. Also, thanks to the meeting scheduling feature which is included in all of our plans you don't have to waste time integrating a calendar service like Calendly, which may be time-consuming.

Video Meetings features

Unlimited meetings and replays - you can set up an unlimited number of meetings, and rewatch them whenever you need, just make sure that you choose this option when creating them.

Ease-of-use - Livelix meetings can be joined without an account, just by adding your name and that’s all.

Paid meetings - you can easily create paid meetings and charge people if they want to join them.

Mobile app - you can create and join a meeting from your mobile phone, it’s very easy for you and your clients.

Offers - you can sell your products and services during a meeting, through pop-up offers.

Scheduling meetings - allow people to set up a meeting with you, after a live event, or just by sharing a link.

Screen sharing - share a presentation with your teammates or clients.

Built-in chat - allow meeting participants to share their thoughts or questions if they can’t talk during it.

As you see, Livelix Video Meetings gives you versatile features for all your needs. If you are a coach or consultant, we suggest taking our platform into count, because it was built especially for you, but this doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good fit you are a therapist or a small company that has weekly or daily meetings. You can start working on Livelix right away, with our free plan.