Livelix Live Events

Discover Livelix Live Events features

During your journey of searching for platforms for live events, video meetings, and even scheduling that will fit your needs and expectations, we propose to you take a closer look at our platform Livelix.

Livelix is an all-in-one live video platform that helps you to communicate, find new clients, and sell your products and services. In the next 3 articles, you’ll get to know why Livelix is a good choice that you definitely need to take into account if you’re planning to do small or medium events, meetings with your teammates, one-to-one meetings and allow your clients to schedule a meeting with you by themselves.

Live events 

Livelix Live Events feature allows you to create and share your live event or webinar with your audience. Our platform has an advantage over other solutions that allows you to convert your attendees into customers and sell your products and services during or after your event. Also, events created by you can be found on our page in the Discover Events section, and in this way, you can get potential clients from our platform.

Live events features

Co-hosting - you can invite anyone to join you live during your event, up to 3 people can join you live, even your attendees or speakers.

Screen sharing - share a presentation, a document, or your entire screen and allow your participants to see the material that you prepared for the webinar.

Cloud recording - this means that your event is automatically recorded and uploaded to the cloud, with unlimited space and types of events. Also, you can share the live event link with other people, in this way they can watch it without downloading it.

Unlimited replays - event replay is available almost instantly and can be played at any time.

Collect payments - you can easily charge people for attending your live event and even if the event is over, they can buy it and you’ll have a passive income from that. To collect your payments, you just need a PayPal account and that’s all, we take care of everything else.

Reminders - reduce no-shows with our mobile and email notifications. Your event participants will get notifications before it starts.

Mobile accessibility - you can create an event from your smartphone or browser in a few steps. Also, your participants can join your event from their browser without downloading additional software or from their mobile phones, through our mobile app or browser.

Live events offers

This feature was specially added to help you sell your services. And it’s very easy to set up before the event. 

  • A pop-up offer with a button will appear during your event so the audience can schedule a meeting with you right during or after the current event or meeting. 

  • Besides this, you can sell your products, a pop-up will be shown with a link to your products.

  • Also, you can sell your events as an offer that will allow your audience to register for one of your events right during or after the current event.

One of Livelix's main purposes is to help you grow your business, to transform your event attendees into clients directly on the platform. In this way, our solution is best for everyone starting with coaches, consultants, fitness trainers, yoga teachers, business owners, nutritionists, therapists, software companies, and pretty much everyone else.

And the best thing about Livelix is that you can use it for free, without any credit cards or trial periods. Just create an account and use our Free Plan to see how simple and easy-to-use event planning interface and smooth attendees' experience are.