How to recover after a week of meetings

Discover how you can recover from a long week of meetings

Video meetings are becoming a big part of our working days and they can consume us, so we may have the feeling of burnout even though we don’t work in the office right now. This is becoming a major problem because of the mental energy required for a video meeting and it's commonly known as “Zoom fatigue”.

Let’s take a look firstly at the problems that we can face during these meetings:

  • Too much eye contact - it’s becoming frustrating because you need to look on the screen, where human faces are too big and that feels unnatural.
  • Watching yourself during a video conference it’s abnormal and it’s stressful if you’re critical of yourself.
  • Reduced mobility - because of the static camera position we’re staying uncomfortable.
  • Overtasking - when we’re in a meeting we’re trying to do other things that make us overload our brain capacity and reduce our concentration.

If you have these issues then you should take some actions in this regard.

  • Don’t use the full-screen option during video meetings if this isn’t strictly necessary. Reduce the window size to minimize face sizes for a more comfortable meeting.
  • Turn off the camera if isn’t mandatory, in that way you’ll be less stressed about how are you looking or your background.
  • Use headphones if your meeting doesn't require video, in that way you’ll be able to change your position in the chair or even walk in the room.
  • Don’t multitask and focus on the meeting topic, not on other opened windows, smartphones, or other exterior factors.
  • Take breaks during the meetings to relax your body and brain, agree with your teammates on a specific time, because they also will need this.
  • Change the meeting to an email or phone conversation instead of a video meeting. Also, you can read more about how to escape the meeting hell to see other methods to avoid unnecessary meetings.
  • Start to meditate, it’s going to be hard at the beginning, but after a while, you’ll feel more relaxed and full of energy for the rest of the day.

Now that you know the solutions for your daily meetings problems, let’s find out how to recover after a week of video calls and conferences.

  • Turn off your phone notifications, internet if it’s possible, in that way you’ll have time to spend with yourself and your family. Don't worry, the work won't run away!
  • Go camping with your friends and family, use your time not thinking about work, but enjoy the moments with your close ones.
  • Don’t overthink the decisions made during your last meetings, you’ll get back to them on Monday with a clear mind.
  • Get some sleep, and don’t use any devices that have interaction with your eyes for a long time. Your body needs to recover and your eyes also because they are the more tired ones if you had long video meetings during a week.
  • If you love sports and traveling you can go hiking and recharge yourself with fresh air from nature and you’ll get more motivation to move on to the next working week.
  • If you have hobbies, you’ve earned yourself time to do something that you enjoy.
  • Go out with your friends, to a bar, a restaurant, or other public places where you’ll have real human contact.

We’re hoping that you’ll find our advice helpful and you’ll be able to recover after a week of video meetings and calls. Take care!