How to introduce a guest speaker to your webinar

Guest speakers or presenters are a precious resource

Hosting webinars is important for all kinds of businesses nowadays. Unfortunately, they can become less attractive to the audience if you don’t have something special to show. In this case, we suggest you read one of the articles about hosting webinars that will surprise your audience.

One of the ways described in the article was inviting a guest or presenter to your webinar. Let’s know more about this and how you can introduce them in such a way that the attendees will listen to their presentation with great interest.

Guest speakers or presenters are a precious resource, they can assist in the creation of outstanding material, and having a range of presenters may spice up a webinar and increase audience participation. Also, there's a risk that if you introduce a guest speaker incorrectly during your online event, you'll lose the crowd right away.

Now, what's the best way to prevent it? You must set a goal and work toward it, just like you do with anything else. When introducing someone, your objective should be to spark the audience's interest not only in the next material but also in the person who will be speaking to them.

The webinar intro must be planned and prepared. You may think that you can speak coherently during the event, but you don't want to get trapped in the middle of a webinar and forget the essential elements that distinguish your speakers.

While you start writing your introduction, consider this: 'Is the speaker competent to give this presentation and why?' Build your introduction and background research around the answer to this question. Obviously, the planning and research you did should be included in an introduction that establishes your webinar speakers' trustworthiness.

To stimulate the audience's curiosity about what's to come, emphasize your presenters' reputations and what they can contribute to the webinar. But don't forget to make the facts relevant and avoid over-hyping the speaker. If you include useless information, you risk boring your audience with irrelevant material that has nothing to do with the event's theme.

It's important to highlight guest speakers. It's great to hear from industry professionals about a subject you're passionate about. Be enthusiastic about them and what they're there to do when you describe them. Use detailed, optimistic language to generate a sense of excitement. Industry experts and special guests are the words that you should include. Keep in mind that if you don't look excited while presenting your speaker, it will rapidly rub off on the audience, dampening any excitement. It's critical that you talk in a suitable tone of voice, no matter how brief your beginning can be.

The presentation of your speaker should be time-framed and not too long, this will keep your audience's interest and provide a necessary warm-up before its presentation.

Think outside the box and get your audience excited about your guests, let them feel that this webinar will be helpful for them and their business.