How to choose a webinar topic

Learn how you can choose a webinar topic

You may find yourself thinking about a topic for your next webinar but it’s getting harder than you thought and you’re becoming more frustrated about this instead of preparing your content for it already.

Webinar goals

An interesting webinar topic can attract a wide audience that expects from you an engaging live event full of useful information and facts, that you can provide based on your experience and knowledge. Firstly you should understand your webinar goal and scope, you’re going to do it for marketing like promoting products or services or an informative one like Q&A.  

Then you can move forward and analyze your target audience. If your main audience is on social platforms, use their tools to get more statistics about their gender, age, and interests. If you have a website or a landing page, collect the data from it. Also, analyze your posts/stories from social channels and articles from your blog if you have one, with the most interaction from your subscribers to get an overview of their preferences.

Another way to get more data about your future webinar topic is your email statistics. If you’re having a newsletter, you can see how many people left their email in exchange for a free gift from your side like a video tutorial, an ebook, or a series of emails.

Respond to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Let’s say you’re a branding coach and you have a lot of clients that ask you how to promote their brand, which tools to use for it, or what channels can bust their success in their product. You can pick up this topic and divide it by subtopics to see how from a simple idea you can build a series of webinars. In that way frequently asked questions are a source of inspiration for you and a reward for your followers for their perseverance.

Ask your audience to help

If you’re dealing with a dilemma choosing a topic from your list and you don’t know which one to start with, just ask your audience. Create a poll on your Instagram,  Facebook, or TikTok account and let your followers vote for the most interesting topics for them. You’ll increase their curiosity by making their opinions count and you’ll be motivated to move on.

Do research about the trends in your field of activity, see what’s new and is getting traction. Try to get more information about the changes expected in the future, in that way you’ll provide your audience a reason to keep following you. 

Now, all the collected data gives you the topic that you can transform into a successful webinar, your part remains to transform the idea into something useful and valuable for your audience. We wish you good luck!