How to choose a webinar platform

Choosing the right platform is an important step in hosting a successful webinar

Nowadays, webinars are becoming an important part of promoting services, increasing sales, and attracting new leads and customers. Choosing the right platform is an important step in hosting a successful webinar. There are a lot of aspects that can help you select the platform that will meet your requirements.

Easy to Use

A good webinar platform should be easy to use for both parties. As a creator, you don't want to spend your time on technical details that instead of helping you will create confusion if you'll host a few webinars. Also, this will lead to a more pleasant experience for your attendees. 

Platform price

Before moving forward on choosing the best platform for you, keep in mind the budget you have. Usually, many webinar software have o lot of features that you’ll never use, even though they seem to be very attractive. 

Firstly try their free or trial plan and see how it goes, if it fits your expectations, purchase the right subscription for you.

Video and sound quality

It’s important to have a webinar platform that will give you high video and sound quality. You don’t want to be in a situation when your video/sound is poor and your attendees leave because of that.

Record and replay

It’s possible that a lot of the people registered for your webinar won’t watch it live. These potential leads should be able to watch it later and the platform must have this feature. Take into count, that an easy way to access the recorded webinars will increase your chance to transform those leads into clients.

Interaction with your audience

This point is important if you’re planning to interact with your audience. A simple chat and Q&A during your event can increase the audience's interest. But inviting them to ask you a question live, will make them feel more important for you. Take care of these features, they may be very helpful for you in creating hot leads.

Mobile accessibility

The majority of your attendees will probably want to join your event with their mobile phones. As result, a good webinar software should have at least a mobile-friendly interface, but the best is to have a mobile app that will make the user experience smoother.

Remember that knowing what the goal of your webinar is, will help you choose the right platform and have a successful live event.