What to do after your webinar ends

Learn how to engage your audience after your webinar ends

Hosting a webinar is truly hard work and you should be proud of yourself. But the work isn’t finished yet.

The great part about webinars is that you can use them in a lot of interesting and different ways even after they’re finished. Take a break, have some tea, and read through our article to see how you can use your recently finished webinar.

Watch the replay (or the recording)

This is an important part of becoming better at webinars. You can watch yourself and spot the bad spots so that you can work on them and improve. You can spot the good parts so that you can focus on them more. By doing this, only after a few webinars you’ll be able to do better webinars. Also, you should make sure that the recording doesn’t have any issues because you’ll send it to the people that didn’t attend your webinar live.

Thank your webinar attendees

You should express your gratitude and thankfulness to the ones who attended your webinar, they provided you with their most valuable resource - their time. Also, include the most important ideas from your webinar and the link where they can watch the replay, in this way, they will remember its highlights and remember it in case of necessity. 

At the end of the email, you should add a Call-To-Action to make sure that they interact with you by following or asking for your product or services. Be creative and the results will be the same.

Share used assets

Be generous with your audience, share the material used for your webinar. Share the pdf of the presentation, if you found any interesting articles or videos you can send those to them as well. Keep your attendees part of your webinar atmosphere even after it's over. We suggest you send these pieces of information in another email, to not overwhelm your audience.

Contact unattended and unregistered people

Not everyone will be able to watch your webinar live, don’t consider them as lost leads, maybe they had a meeting or they couldn’t attend it because of the time zone. Send them a summary of the webinar and a link so they can watch it, you’ll never know how a part of them will be impressed about it. Also, if you invited contacts from your email list that didn’t register for your live event, give it a try and send them another one with the main ideas and what they missed, you may stimulate them to take a look at it.

Create a survey for your attendees

The best feedback that you can get is from your audience, they can be very straightforward with you. Even though some of them may not like the webinar, keep in mind that you’re growing and you can’t fill everyone’s expectations You can do this survey via email and social networks, don’t miss out on this important step, because it will help you understand better what was good and bad from another point of view.

Analyze webinar statistics

If you have a website or a landing page, you can see how many people visited your registration page and how many of them registered. Also if you had an email campaign you should be able to see statistics about email opening and clicks on your links to the webinar registration page. 

Another important point is the attendee ratio and engagement. A successful webinar will have around a 40-50% attendance ratio. 

Reuse your webinar content

You can share your webinar content embedded on your landing page, asking for some information from those who want to watch it. Also, you can transform your webinar into a blog post and publish it on your website. Moreover, you can cut clips with highlights and share them on your Instagram or TikTok account to let your audience share your content and enjoy it.

Now that you know what to do after your webinar ends, you can improve your next ones and keep doing the work that you like. We wish you a good look with that!