Everything you need to know to create your first webinar

Learn what to do for your first webinar

If you’re planning to do a webinar in the near future and you find yourself overthinking about where and how to do it, then we’re here to guide you in this great journey. Take a pen and a notebook and make some notes because this article is written especially for you.

Choose a webinar topic

A good webinar should be valuable to your audience, which means you should be sure that you pick the right topic. You need to understand what is the goal of your live event and what are you planning to do during it, present a product or a service, a workshop, or maybe a Q&A session. Read more about how to choose a webinar topic.

Create your webinar content

Prepare the content that you’ll share during the event. If you are going to present your services, be sure that you have a presentation or you’ll do a Q&A to prepare your answers to have a smooth webinar and reduce the stress.

Choose a webinar platform

Now that you have the webinar topic and the content, you should select a platform based on your needs. Do you expect many attendees to your webinar, is the subscription price okay for your budget? Does the platform has a recording feature, chat, and Q&A? Check our article about choosing the right platform for you. Our suggestion is to use Livelix, it is the perfect webinar platform to start with. We have a free plan that allows you to create your first webinar without taking any financial risks. Click here to start!

Select the date and time

If you’re going to go live, then is important to have an audience that will watch you. Picking a good date and time will add more attendees and make your event more engaging for everyone. Keep in mind where your main audience is. We recommend selecting the time in the first part of the day, between 10 AM - 11 AM is the best, and the working days between Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Personalize your webinar

Create your event page. Add an image that will reflect the webinar topic and a short description of its content. Moreover, you can create a hashtag or a catchy phrase for it, that will be easy to share. Livelix offers you this feature, saving you time and money on creating a landing page for your webinar.

Send invitations

As this will be your first webinar, don’t hesitate to use your social channels to promote it, don’t forget your hashtags and the catchy phrase. Invite contacts from your email list and share words about it in your community. 

Test before go-live

The webinar day is coming and you’re getting more worried than before. To gain trust in its success, do some tests to see how you’re feeling when you’re live. See if the platform works perfectly and re-watch if you need to know what’s needed to be improved to minimize all the negative thoughts.

Host your webinar

The most important day of your webinar preparations has come. Be sure to have all the materials ready, a bottle with water, a clear background, and good lights. Once you’re ready you can go live. Remember to engage with your audience and reserve a few minutes, in the end, to answer attendees' questions.  

We’re sure that you’ll do a great webinar!

Follow up

Congratulations, you’ve done it, you can be proud of yourself. Now, to keep your audience active, even if the event is over we recommend sending them a summary of the event and a link where they can re-watch it. Also, don’t forget about the registered people who didn’t have a chance to watch it live. Read more about what to do after your webinar ends.

We hope that you find our article helpful and you’ll share it with your friends or colleagues who want to start doing webinars but are not sure where to start.