8 ways to surprise your webinar audience

Impress and surprise your audience during your webinar

Holding a webinar is getting easier if you’re using a platform that you know, as well as if you prepared the presentation and yourself for the performance. However, catching your audience's interest requires more than that, and it's getting harder each day because tons of online events are available and almost all of them have the same format.

In this article, we've prepared for you some unusual methods to surprise your webinar attendees and create a wow effect. But remember your main priority is high-quality content.

Start your presentation in a foreign or fictional language

You’ll get more attention from your participants if you’re going to use a foreign language or even a fictional one like Dothraki from the Game of Thrones series or Klingon from the Star Trek universe. Be sure that will spark an interest in your audience because they’ll have to listen and understand what’s going on. You can explain to them what you said at the webinar ends to keep their curiosity during it.

Analyze your audience profile

If you’re having a webinar with a small number of attendees you can check your participant's accounts on social networks and collect some interesting facts about them that can be related to the webinar topic. Is important to be careful in your choice of facts to not offend someone, this means excluding family, nationality, religion, and political topics.

Use unusual background

For serious webinars, it is recommended to use a neutral background that doesn’t distract the speaker and the attendees, but if yours is more friendly and you want more attention to it, don’t hesitate to come up with something interesting. It can be something that reflects the webinar theme or even an aquarium, this will let your webinar feel more natural.

Change webinar location

The change of location during the webinar adds more life to the online event because it's getting more movement and reducing the fatigue of the attendees. Prepare in advance two locations for the webinar: one neutral and the second - more vivid and lively. Even the interior of your room compared to a normal wall will allow you to liven up the atmosphere.

Invite a secret guest

Everyone loves surprises. And when surprises are helpful, people love them even more. Invite a great expert to the webinar, but don't tell the participants about it. Let it become an unexpected gift for them. You may ask someone from your community or maybe a well-known person who isn’t directly related to your webinar topic but you’ve had a chance to work together.

Offer gifts during your webinar

Gifts are always loved by everyone and a reward for your audience for their activity during the webinar will increase the competitive spirit and their interest in it. This is a good way to motivate the participants to watch and listen to your webinar more carefully, as they’ll know their time and interest will be rewarded. Gifts can be an ebook, a free session with you, or a big discount on your services and products. In this way, your audience will be motivated to follow up on your next webinars.

Use other communication channels 

You can use communication channels like email or direct messages to attract registered people to your webinar if they aren’t active at the moment in the chat. Just a simple reminder such us: In a few moments you’ll know the secret of a successful branding or the webinar is getting wild, we need your feedback in this regard! Keep in mind that this method doesn’t work with all kinds of webinars and should be used carefully.

Give more than you promised

Offer more information, more advice, more tips and tricks to your audience than what was written in your webinar description. People will appreciate this and their pleasure from the webinar will be increased because they learned something new and useful for them.

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We’re hoping that our advice will help you to get your webinars a unique signature that will attract more attendees and we wish you to have great success in all your webinar sessions.