5 best webinar platforms for coaches and consultants

Start consider webinars and live events important elements of your business

Webinar platforms became a big part of the business industry in the last few years and if you’re a coach or consultant or you’re thinking about becoming one you should consider webinars and live events important elements of your business as well.

Hence, choosing the right webinar platform will help you feel less stressed about the technical parts and lets you focus on marketing and creating the best content for your audience focus on your material.

Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of a webinar platform for coaches and consultants:

  • Ease-of-use: you and your attendees should have a smooth experience, starting with event creation and ending with re-watching the webinar.
  • Recording: an important feature that will allow users to replay your webinar anytime, as well as use the content to market your services
  • High video/audio quality: your event should have at least HD video quality and high-quality audio for a nice experience for your audience.
  • Mobile friendly: let your user have the ability to watch you from any device - smartphone, tablet, or desktop.
  • Pricing types: possibility to host free or paid events.
  • Co-Hosting: you should be able to invite guests/attendees to join you live without any problems, to increase your event engagement.
  • Engagement: the aspect that will let the attendees ask questions, chat with each other, as result, they'll feel a part of your webinar and be more interested to attend your future events.

Now that you know the main features of your webinar platform, let's get to know them.


While Zoom is mainly known for video meetings, it has also a webinar feature that allows coaches to combine these two features and increase their usefulness. The platform is entirely cloud-based, offers HD quality for audio and video, recording options and it’s easy to use for you and your audience. You can host free or paid webinars and let your audience watch them from their browser or download the desktop app, or use their mobile app.

Zoom webinar feature pricing is $79/mo with the attendees limit up to 500.


The platform is well-known in the coaching community thanks to its integration with other tools and apps.  A big variety of features including live polls and surveys, live chat, on-screen whiteboard, and many other aspects make this platform a good choice for webinars.

The price starts at $39/mo, billed annually with 100 maximum number of attendees, and goes up to $379/mo for 5000 attendees.


BigMarker is one of the pioneers in the webinars, summits, and virtual conferences market. Their suite of marketing tools includes in-depth analytics, pop-up offers, email templates, embeddable webinars, and custom pages. As a coach, you’ll find them very handy to track your success and attendees' experience.

The platform has four pricing plans, the cheapest is Starter $79/mo for 100 attendees and Premier $299 for 1000 attendees.


Easywebinar is a great choice if you’re searching for a webinar platform with lots of customizations, like page builder, email reminders, registration forms. Besides this, they combined webinar technology with marketing strategy to offer a unique experience for you as a creator and your attendees as the audience.

The standard plan price is $78/mo for 100 live attendees and the enterprise plan is $499/mo for 2000 live attendees.


The best platform you could choose because it was built especially to help online coaches and consultants with their businesses. Here are the top 6 reasons to choose Livelix:

  1. You can find more clients with Livelix. We have a discover section, where our users can discover new and interesting Live events.
  2. You can convert your attendees to customers right during your live events by using the offers feature. You can create an offer that will allow any attendee to schedule a meeting with you right during your live event.
  3. You can charge your clients for a consultation with you right from our platform. It works the same as Calendly, and it integrates easily with Livelix Meetings.
  4. You can host 1:1 or group meetings on Livelix. It's not just a regular live events platform. It's also a place where you can conduct your day-to-day business.
  5. You can charge for your live events, and create a recurring revenue stream since all the events on Livelix can be purchased even after they're finished.
  6. We take care of all the communications with your clients. We have push notifications and email notifications so that your customers never miss a meeting again.

If you don't believe us, just give it a try, it's totally free to start. Get started now for free!